• Pink, Interactive Mushrooms

    Pink, Interactive Mushrooms

    The 4 Kids has the pleasure of being part of this high-tech park in Mississippi.

  • Fun, Climbable, Thematic Elements

    Fun, Climbable, Thematic Elements

    Any playground can cover the basics, but we're about the elements that will make you stand out.

  • Custom Products Make Your Dreams Come True
  • Not Just Pretty; Sturdy

    Not Just Pretty; Sturdy

    Check out our technical documents to see how The 4 Kids is serious about design quality and safety.

  • El Paso Zoo

    El Paso Zoo

    Take a look at the custom playground that gave a tremendous jolt to zoo attendance.

  • Blending Art and Technology

    Blending Art and Technology

    We work with you to build playgrounds of the future.

  • We're Wild About Playgrounds

    We're Wild About Playgrounds

    Our wildly cool safari and zoo animals are custom designed to complete your perfect play environment.

We Build Cool Playgrounds!

Exciting, imaginative, entertaining play-scapes that appeal to the real playground experts; the kids! Preferred by children hands down over traditional play equipment, our play environments are educational, interactive and created to partner with the classroom. Providing playful learning experiences that are based upon the natural world, our play structures expose children to paleontology, biology, geology and the natural sciences.

High Quality, Durable GFRC

Created from safe, non-toxic, naturally occurring minerals, Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is exceptionally durable, and actually strengthens as it ages. It is an economical material that is recyclable and perfect for the world of play environments because it can be molded into any shape to convey any theme. From dinosaurs and sea creatures, to replicas of famous buildings and archeological ruins, GFRC play events can be crafted to function as freestanding elements, or to easily integrate into traditional play systems.