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Dallas, Texas

Perot Museum’s Leap Frog Forest is an Enchanting Wonderland for Young Visitors

The fun and excitement of a day at Dallas’s Perot Museum of Nature and Science grows by leaps and bounds when kids find their way to Leap Frog Forest and the chance to interact with 13 fascinating giant bullfrogs that glow, created by the artistic geniuses in the studios of The 4 Kids Playgrounds, a subsidiary of Stromberg Architectural in Greenville. 

  • Six feet of realistic, detailed bullfrog for up close and personal froggy fun
  • A frog playground experience for small museum visitors and adults alike
  • Glowing illumination after dark, high quality resin construction


A child’s inborn fascination with animals inspires and motivates an appreciation of the natural world, evolving into a lifelong curiosity for science and our earth.  At the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, nurturing that fascination builds a strong foundation for a future of discovery and appreciation for the environment, the universe, medicine and all things natural.  Creating a unique and exciting playground that supports The Perot Museum’s commitment to hands-on learning was a challenge eagerly accepted by the gifted artists, designers and engineers at The 4 Kids, who gave the kids at Perot Museum a Leap Frog Forest where they can indulge their love for play activity and make believe while visiting the museum.   


The 4 Kids playground experts brought life to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s Leap Frog Forest in the form of thirteen astonishing bullfrogs, six feet long playground sculptures.  Expertly fashioned to encourage little climbers and crawlers at the museum, the bullfrogs are welcome playmates for “let’s pretend” adventures that put children eye to eye with these awesome amphibians.  The Leap Frog Forest is an adventure playground that has it all, including bullfrogs that glow in the dark, lighting a child’s path to creative play, interactive learning and fantastic fun at the museum. 


Instilling a lifelong interest and curiosity about nature and science is an accomplishment that is sure to benefit generations to come. At the Perot museum, children and families are able to interact in a wide variety of hands-on learning activities. A dozen realistically detailed green frogs and one in blue to blend with the water in which he sits, these mesmerizing play structures draw the eye and stimulate the imagination.

Next Step

Since The 4 Kids play equipment is custom designed and of virtually maintenance free resin construction, the obvious next step for park, museum, playground or commercial center planners is to contact The 4 Kids expert team for a free initial consultation.  Our experts will custom design the perfect playground to complement and enhance your theme. Contact us today.


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