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Family Bungalow Tree House 

Kids Play & Learn at Home on Specially-Designed Play Equipment

  • Crafted custom playground to accommodate children with special needs
  • Designed the structure to provide a sensory environment similar to formal therapy
  • Built Cozy Swings into the design to give the kids a retreat from overstimulation
  • Provided electrical conduit to allow the owners to supply electricity


Our client’s family included three children living with a sensory disorder. The kids attended sensory therapy several times each week, and the family wanted to provide a similar experience at home. It was clear that standard play equipment wasn’t going to offer what the children needed from a home learning space.


The 4 Kids designed and built a customized playground that addressed the family’s unique needs. We started by constructing a hollow tree crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, a strong, versatile material that allowed us to replicate a range of textures. At the tree’s base, we added a front porch, a door, windows, and old-school cedar swings. The team also created a homey feeling inside by “carving” each family member’s name into the wall and adding a friendly bear head sculpture.

The tree is topped with a cedar tree house that includes built-in toy boxes and a quirky crooked chimney. The kids can also play on the attached deck and zoom down the Twisty Turbo Slide. Our team nestled two relaxation swings beneath the deck, providing the children with a quiet, safe place to relax when they feel overstimulated. In addition, the family wanted the option to play at night, so we added electrical conduit, allowing the owners to provide electricity to the structure’s interior.


The parents can now give their children a safe learning environment—at home—that addresses their unique needs. And the kids? They have a space that’s all their own…a place where they can be just kids.

Next Step

Are you planning a playground to accommodate special needs? Whether you need play equipment for a home, school, park, hospital, or rehabilitation facility, The 4 Kids’ team will collaborate with you to create a place where children with special needs are able to feel like kids. Contact us to learn more.


"...it looks just beyond amazing. I think we are more excited than the kids!"
Chasity S.

"I look forward to working with you and even more anxious to have my kiddos an amazing play area!"

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