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Chicago, Illinois

Animals in an Urban Playground Offers a Super Play Experience for Kids

Chicago’s Goudy Square Park is a must see for tourists in the windy city and a welcome respite for natives who are looking for a charming setting to meet friends, relax or take their lunch break.  Historical and charming, the park is home to an awesome collection of animal play sculptures, featuring the work of talented team of artists and designers in the studios of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas.  The park, set against the backdrop of the Chicago cityscape, is a perfect blend of art and playground adventure with something for everyone. 

  • Well crafted works of playground art, interactive and delightful
  • Frog, deer, and tortoise play sculptures offer kids a chance for make believe fun
  • The perfect contrast for the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago


Our challenge was to provide safe and engaging play structures for children and adults as part of Chicago’s artistically appointed Goudy Playlot Park.Goudy Square in Chicago is a one of a kind recreational space in the middle of a major city, a charming park space that offers a peaceful sanctuary in the midst of a busy metropolis. Goudy Square is a favorite Chicago park area, featuring a brick pathway, ornamental metal fencing and period lighting.   Creating unique and inviting play sculptures for kids of all ages that blended well with the artistic charm of Goudy Square was a challenge eagerly accepted by The 4 Kids design team, who consistently provide safe and innovative playgrounds to fit every venue.


A vintage part of Chicago’s Park District, Goudy Playlot Park is a treat for kids who love to climb, crawl, slide and balance their way to make believe adventure, interacting with the splendidly designed animal sculptures - deer, tortoise and frog – which are masterpieces of The 4 Kids design team of experts.

Enhancing the general charm and appeal of Goudy Playlot Park, the play sculptures offer well designed playground art that blends perfectly in this beautiful setting.  Kids love the chance to play and parents appreciate the artistry and attention to detail.  Best of all, the high level of safety and low level of required maintenance ensures the durability of the park structures for years to come.


Everyone loves spending time in Chicago’s Goudy Square, especially the kids, and The 4 Kids unique animal sculptures have kicked up the fun factor as well as the artistic décor, to the delight of kids and adults alike.

Next Step

Do you see your playground features as an extension of your park’s general design and artistry?  At The 4 Kids, our talented designers can help you discover your park’s full potential, customizing playground equipment just for you.  Call the experts at The 4 Kids today for a free consult and let us help you plan the perfect playground for your needs.

To see some of the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

Deer Fawn             

Frog Sculpture      

Tortoise Play Sculpture