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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Giant Insects Are Crawling Their Way Through the Museum

  • A fantastic collection of insects crawling into museum history
  • Provides a hands on learning experience through play
  • Realistically detailed and high quality play art


Administrators of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were looking for ways to add a stimulating playscape to their venue that would engage children and provide them with a unique, one of a kind opportunity to explore the intricacies of nature.


At the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, that meant crafting a playscape that brought children up close and personal with giant replicas of the tiny crawlers that populate the insect world. Flawlessly lifelike and captivating for the kids of all ages, a friendly group of lady bugs, ants and a giant centipede took up residence on the Museum’s playground. Perfectly rendered as themed elements to support the mission of this amazing venue, the insect sculptures are true works of playground art. 


While this “infestation” of insects at The Carnegie Museum turned out to offer an exciting, interactive play opportunity for little visitors, the bugs also redefined the play area for young crawlers, climbers, and balancers, who love to scoot across the log crawlers alongside lifelike lady bugs and ants. Perfectly aligned with the nature theme of the museum, these high quality, glass fiber reinforced concrete sculptures are certain to retain their colorful, realistic finish for years of safe, sturdy fun for all of the young museum patrons.

Next Step

Do you have a venue that could use an infestation of these kid friendly bugs? If you’d like another kind of creature, we have many to choose from, to fit any theme. At The 4 Kids, we take your ideas and input to heart, and customize playground designs according to your specific needs.

To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below: 

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Lady Bug Climber       Lady Bug Log Climber