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The Ants Go Marching One By One...

Ants may not be a favorite of picnickers at the park, but this Giant Ant Log Crawler from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas is certain to be a favorite of kids on the playground. Flawless replicas of the real thing, except that these little ants aren’t so little, at 4 or 6 feet tall, they afford imaginative youngsters the opportunity to interact with insects, crawling, climbing and sliding all over them while indulging that lively childhood penchant for make believe. A star at the popular Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, these unique playground sculpture ants are welcome at everyone’s picnic. Virtually maintenance free in any kind of weather Nature throws at them, the ants are crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete and designed by experts who use the most stringent safety measures to ensure durable, sturdy service for years to come. Perfect to kick up the fun factor at theme parks, children’s museums and fun centers, indoor or outdoor play areas, this high quality work of playground art is simply fantastic. If creepy crawlies aren't for you, we have log crawlers that are just as much fun without the bugs. 

  •          Customized playground designs to thrill and delight
  •          Designed for theme parks, fun centers, all kid friendly venues
  •          American made in Texas
  •          Expert team of artists, sculptors and engineers
  •          GFRC finish for low maintenance, high quality

If you'd like to see where these ants have been marching, check out The Carnegie Museum on our Projects page.

Ant Log Crawler
48" x 33" x 30" and 72" x 33" x 30"