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Butterflies are beautiful creatures with bright colored wings. Caterpillars are interesting insects as they come in many colors, also, and inch around on their teeny legs. They go about munching on all of the leaves. Indulge your children in a bit of entomology. This beautifully, hand crafted swing set will show everyone the life cycle of a unique insect. From a chunky Caterpillar, to a perfectly shaped Chrysalis, to magnificent Butterfly. Swing with nature on the Metamorpho Swing, made from glass fiber reinforced concrete and hand crafted leaves. Though the life span of a butterfly is only a year, this swing set will last a life time. This swing set is perfect for arboretums, botanical gardens, public parks, zoos, and more. We have other large insects as well. Check out our creepy crawlers, and give us a call today to get started making your nature themed playspace.

  • Perfect for Arboretums, Gardens, Parks and more
  • Hand crafted in Greenville, TX
  • Strict safety guidelines are always followed
  • Customization is always an option

Use Zone: 23'6" x 32'

Mounting: Installation Option

Metamorpho Swing
23'6" x 32'