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Kick Your Feet High

Under a lightly shaded pergola, you can swing to your heart's content. So, kick your feet high, and swing away! Swings are many people's favorite past time when visiting the park. This large, double bay swing set can be enjoyed anywhere: Schools, Resorts, Churches, Military Parks, and Gardens. We specialize in custom; so let us know what you want. They aren't just for little ones either. Swings are relaxing for everyone; even adults will enjoy swinging up to the sky. This could be a useful relaxation technique for those with sensory issues. They are a great focal point that encourages children to play and move.

  • Belt Swings, Bucket Swings, and ADA Swings available
  • Crafted from GFRC and made to last
  • Swings encourage movement and strengthen the core
  • Swings are good for relaxtion

Use Zone: 32' x 32'

Mounting Option: Installation Option 2 

Large Pergola Swing Set
20'L x 4'W x 8'H