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Hands down, the swing set is the favored structure of most playgrounds, a place where an imaginative child can fly through the air as part of every kind of make believe scenario he can dream up. The 4 Kids Tree Canopy Swing creates a woodland world of enchanted forests and nature’s magic, where children can swing under a protective canopy, mounted on lifelike tree trunk designs. Crafted by expert designers who are playground artists, engineers and sculptors, the tree canopy swing draws delighted children by the dozens to theme parks, community or commercial playgrounds, but parents and park staff loves them too, for more practical reasons. Designed in compliance with the most tstringent safety standards, the swing set is safe as well as sturdy. Highest quality glass fiber reinforced concrete craftsmanship ensures that the swing set’s superior finish is virtually maintenance free in all weather conditions, even salt spray from the sea.

  • Customized playground art
  • High quality, low maintenance
  • Superior gfrc craftsmanship
  • American made in Greenville, Texas

Use Zone: 26'4" x 32'

Mounting: Installation Option

Tree Canopy Swing
26'4" x 32'