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Jensen Beach, Florida

Kids Strengthen Their Muscles on the Squash Slide and Carrot Climber

  • Designed 2 custom structures to integrate with a healthy nutrition-themed garden
  • Crafted the slide and climber to encourage kids to move, jump, play, & have fun
  • Constructed the play structures with resilient, weather-tough materials
  • Helped the staff meet its mission to combine fun and learning


The Jensen Beach, FL Museum's Interactive Garden provides kids with a hands-on learning experience promoting good nutrition and physical activity. When it was time to add new structures to the garden, it was clear that ordinary playground equipment wasn't going to accomplish that mission. And since the Children's Museum is located on the Florida coast, it was critical that the new play equipment be able to withstand both the hot sun and harsh storms.


The 4 Kids' team designed and built two themed structures that combine fun with learning: a combo Squash Slide and Leaf Climber and a Carrot Climber. The custom pieces were constructed using glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), a versatile, rust-proof, weather-resistant material. In addition, both products were crafted with UV-stable pigments that will stay bright for many years. If the play structures are tough enough to handle the coastal climate, they're tough enough to handle thousands of visitors every year.


The slide and climber bring the "Whoa, cool!" factor to the Interactive Garden. Kids are naturally drawn to the oversized, realistic-looking structures—and that encourages them to move and have fun. What's more, the Children's Museum can focus less on equipment maintenance and repairs, and more on its mission to offer kids a memorable, hands-on learning experience.

Next Step

When your project requires safe, custom playground equipment that children will remember long after their visit ends, contact The 4 Kids. Our team will design and build the structures you need to make your museum, zoo, school, playground, or facility a destination that attracts new visitors and makes kids beg: "Can we go back to that really cool playground?"

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