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Jackson, Mississippi

Fantastic fairytale structures fuel kids’ literacy skills

  • Designed play structures to integrate with the museum’s literacy theme
  • Created oversized, interactive mushrooms that incorporate touch technology
  • Built themed, multi-use writing stations
  • Crafted all structures using kid-tough, weather-resistant materials
  • Created interesting sculpture that was used as a substrate for speakers


The Mississippi Children’s Museum in Jackson, MS launched a $2.25 million expansion focused on nurturing pre-reading and reading skills through its Literacy Garden. The new exhibit needed safe, durable play structures to engage kids and introduce them to the early reading concepts that inspire the imagination and build academic success.


Our team crafted a Fairytale Mushroom Forest, which includes bright magenta mushrooms that tower 6’ and 7’ above the ground. Touch technology built into the stems provides interactive storytelling experiences. The team also built a series of kid-sized mushroom stools, giving little ones a place to play, dream, or hear stories. Additionally, we constructed Clover Leaf Writing Stations so kids have a place to write or draw and staff members have a place to hold museum activities. Also included in the forest are uniquely designed sculptures that act as a substrate to hold speakers from which stories are read and broadcast across the garden.

Each piece was crafted using either glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) or glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). Both materials are durable, low maintenance, and will keep their vibrant colors for many years—even under the Mississippi sun.


The Literacy Garden’s over-the-top structures create a memorable, interactive fantasyland where little ones can develop a love for reading and writing.

Next Step

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