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El Paso, Texas

El Paso Zoo sets record attendance with 5 tree houses connected by slides, bridges, & tunnels

  • Designed five tree houses, ranging from ground level to 16 feet above the ground
  • Crafted the tallest tree house - the biggest in El Paso - to include a spiral slide
  • Constructed the playground to include hollow logs, bridges, & climbing nets
  • Incorporated peek-a-boo animal sculptures with touch-me details
  • Designed the playground to blend with the natural setting, which included existing trees
  • Engineered all pieces to meet safety guidelines & ADA compliance
  • Planned & managed the complex installation


El Paso Zoo needed a turnkey playground solution that would blend with the surrounding natural environment. The design had to incorporate existing trees as well as meet all safety and ADA compliance standards.


Our The 4 Kids team custom-designed a playground to seamlessly integrate into the designated space - every existing tree was worked into the design. The centerpiece is a tree house that stands 16 feet off the ground and includes a super-fun spiral slide. The tree houses, which are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), are interconnected by a series of slides and bridges, encouraging kids to roam.

The design also includes climbing nets, a log tunnel, and talk tubes. The natural setting wouldn't have been complete without animal friends, so we tucked realistic critter sculptures into the playground to encourage children to explore. Every piece, from the tiniest squirrel to the tallest tree house, was crafted to spark kids' imaginations and provide a safe play experience.


The new playground garnered extensive television, newspaper, and radio coverage, giving the El Paso Zoo positive media exposure. The zoo has also experienced record attendance since the playground opened. Children and adults alike remember these unique tree houses long after their visit ends.

Next Step

What did you dream about as a kid? Tree houses? Jungle hideaways? Safari adventures? If you envision it, The 4 Kids will help you transform that dream into an OMG! reality for your zoo, park, school, church, or sports facility. Contact us for a free initial consultation. 


"The trees look really great! Once completely installed, there will be a lot more oohhs and aaahhhs going around!!"

Yvette H.

El Paso Zoo


"I tell you, the playground is a hit!"

Y. Hernandez

El Paso Zoo

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