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A little friendly competition between playmates is always fun, especially when it means sliding down a Log Racing Slide; tandem slides set side by side for maximum fun in a sliding contest. Reaching the ground first is a challenge that is eagerly accepted by kids at the park. Designed with a log race in mind, preschoolers are delighted with this unique work of playground equipment, which happens to have built in safety and durability for years of fun on the playground. There is an option to add little critters along the sides as well, welcoming children to play.

  • High safety standards, low maintenance
  • Custom designed with a choice of two finishes
  • Perfect as a finishing piece for tree houses
  • High fun factor for little ones

The Log Racing Slide is one of several features at the El Paso Zoo 

Deck Height: 4'

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Log Racing Slide