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Do you fantasize about long hikes in deep woods, play adventures in a natural setting, making friends with the animals. Your kids do, and the talented playground designers at The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas know how to create the kind of world where they can indulge their penchant for healthy play and awesome fun with custom designs such as this delightful Duck Head Slide Cover. Perfect to enhance a great experience in a theme park, woodland fun center or forest playground, this duck is nature-ific! Tealwood Oaks Playground in Flower Mound, Texas is just such a wonderland, and this captivating duck head from The 4 Kids adds a touch of fancy to the magical woodsy funscape where children climb, crawl and slide to their hearts’ content. Bright, vibrant hues from nature’s palette add realistic charm and excitement to glass fiber reinforced concrete construction that renders the slide cover virtually indestructible.  Weather and wear, even salt spray, ice or intense heat can’t damage the superior finish and intense color of this superior work of playground art from The 4 Kids.

  •          Crafted in Greenville, Texas by The 4 Kids experts
  •          Customized for specific client needs
  •          Colorful, realistic duck design slide cover
  •          Perfect for parks, playgrounds, children’s fun centers
  •          High quality, low maintenance

Check out this Duck Head Slide Cover at the Tealwood Oaks Park.

Duck Head Slide Cover
40"L x 6"W x 62"H