Tealwood Oaks Park - Texas Project / Projects

Flower Mound, TX 

Bringing Nature to the Neighborhood


The Challenge

People in Flower Mound, Texas are proud of their community, especially the natural beauty of the surroundings. In tribute to this lovely setting, park planners sought to implement the addition of unique playground features that incorporated a nature theme while blending with an existing scheme featuring vibrant colors. Finding just the right team of playground designers who shared their vision and had the artistic expertise to bring their ideas to life was easy once they talked with the The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas. 

The Solution 

After determining the specific needs of the Tealwood Oaks community, our team went to work finding a playground solution that would thrill and delight park goers, while complementing the peaceful setting of the park. Realistic animal replicas were created for children who love to interact with fascinating creatures as they climb, crawl and slide to their heart’s content. Four lifelike ducks sit ready and waiting, mounted on heavy duty springs to allow children to ride, bounce and rock in a world of nature. Other playground elements include water lily and cat tail post toppers with a curious ladybug crawling up the stem.  

The Result

Colorful and adventurous, the finished playground is a wonderland of nature that has families returning again and again. A source of pride for everyone in Flower Mound, Tealwood Oaks Playground is a jewel of a park that caters to the lively imaginations of little ones.

Next Step

Tealwood Oaks now boasts a playground that is a source of pride. Custom designs based on client preference for size, shape and color are created using valuable input from you. Need a log crawler, a hippo climber or a frog catching dragonflies? Call today for a consultation, and watch your playground dreams come true.

To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

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