Mayfield Park - Texas Project / Projects

Sugar Land, Texas

Alligators Swimming Your Way

  • Custom crafted three alligator sculptures to fit their Bayou city style
  • Crafted play equipment using realistic textures
  • Used environmentally friendly materials that will last through the seasons


The mission for Mayfield Park was to provide a family friendly park in an older part of the community. They wanted something new and interesting that would attract families to visit again and again. In addition, the equipment would need to withstand the ever-changing Texas weather conditions.


Our team crafted three alligator sculptures with safe, realistic features. Don’t worry, these alligators don’t bite. They will stand up for years to the rigors of climbing kids and the Southern climate. We used smart-crete, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), to create climbable creatures for everyone to enjoy. The material is also fire resistant and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for any setting.


The result is custom animal sculptures that fit in perfectly with the park. They seemingly “swim” through the playground mulch, as they wait for the next kid to run past, and jump on them.

Next Step

Having a hard time envisioning a themed playground in your existing space? Let The 4 Kids help. Our experienced team will use professional tools, from CAD drawings to scale models, to design custom play equipment that works for your project. Contact Us—the initial consultation is free.

For more information on the animal sculptures created for this project, please click on the link below:

American Alligator