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Las Vegas, Nevada

Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden at The Mirage in Las Vegas

Visitors to the famous Mirage Resort in Las Vegas can now see the stunning works The 4 Kids' craftsmen, at Siegfried and Roy Secret Gardens. The multi-million dollar expansion presents Siegfried and Roy's famous white tigers along with dolphins, white elephants and other exotic animals. Stromberg was commissioned to supply various elements including the entry arch which features sculpted tigers and bas relief dolphins. "The concept was that of an ancient stone structure discovered in the jungle" said Lyndon Stromberg, owner of Stromberg Architectural. "The look helps to create the theme and feel of the attraction. Millions of people a year visit the Mirage. Siegfried and Roy specifically requested that we perform the work." We pride ourselves on using the best materials. Many of our products can be customized for your project. If you're looking for spectacular stonework designed specifically for your application, we can make it happen at The 4 Kids.

  • Life-Like Animal Sculptures
  • Signage and Entry Ways
  • Destination Attractions
  • Customizable Designs


The 4 Kids design team loves opportunites to create and construct just the right structure that will captivate crowds. They needed to create something that grabbed your attention, just like Sigfried and Roy do at their shows. They capture the audience's attention. The finished product had to be something that showed what this beautiful sanctuary was all about. Big cats and Dolphins.


The artists decided to sculpt a beautiful entry archway that would welcome visitors to this amazing sanctuary. Delicately crafted themed elements to support this amazing venue, the animal sculptures are true works of art. At The 4 Kids, a creative team of artists, sculptors, designers, engineers and architects work hard and pay close attention to detail. We strive to create truly unique pieces that provide awe to everyone and make the dreams of park planners come true.


The artists in The 4 Kids' studios created a stunning entry way into The Secret Garden for Sigfried and Roy's beautiful animal sanctuary. Made from glass fiber reinforced polymer and glass fiber reinforced stone, are cleverly detailed bas relief and giant cat sculptures.

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