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Seattle, Washington

A Place of Miracles

Patients and their families at Seattle Children’s Hospital are no strangers to hope, nor to miracles, but they also know apprehension and fear as they battle illness and achieve healing.  A trip to the hospital can be stressful for anyone, but for children, it can be terrifying even if it’s only a routine visit.  At Seattle Children’s Hospital, however, children can look forward to their medical appointments because it’s an opportunity to say hello to some very special giraffes, and a purple hippopotamus! 

  • Play sculptures that delight children
  • Infusing hospital visits with fun and fantasy
  • Well designed giraffe and hippo play sculptures

Challenge: Superior Play Sculptures To Create a Fanciful, Happy Atmosphere for Patients

Because of the nature of the medical services at Seattle Children’s Hospital, administrators identified a need for an upbeat, friendly atmosphere to help calm the fears of small patients, and lend a measure of fun to the experience.  The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas was challenged with the task of coming up with works of playground art that would fascinate and captivate the attention of little ones, making the experience easier for them and for their families. 

Solution: Captivating giraffe sculptures and a pretty purple hippo

What could be more exciting to children than a graceful group of elegantly designed giraffes, peering curiously through the leaves of the highest trees, overlooking the activities in a busy medical center? Perhaps a partially submerged, calmly resting hippopotamus, one that happens to be purple!  These whimsical, capricious masterpieces from the studios of The 4 Kids add inspiration and a level of surprise that is delightful to kids of all ages at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  The sculptures are meticulously detailed and realistic, and children as well as parents and staff are fascinated by the lifelike qualities inherent in these impressive designs. Virtually maintenance free, these superior pieces are constructed with glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Result: Giraffes Gaze Peacefully Over Small Patients and Their Parents, Purple Hippo Delights

 For many of the young patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital, going to see the doctor takes on a whole new element these days, since it’s a chance to visit favorite giraffe friends and to say hello to the popular purple hippo.  Going for check ups, treatments or even to visit patients becomes a bit less stressful and a bit more enjoyable with the addition of these awesome play sculptures.  Created by experts who are geniuses of playground art, these sculptures are gallery worthy treasures to enhance the décor and soften the atmosphere at this hub of medical activity where miracles happen every day.

Next Step: Enhance Your Venue Perfectly

Can you see play sculptures such as these giraffes and this beloved hippo in your park, playground, hospital, museum or fun center.  The possibilities are endless and no challenge is too great for the talented design team at The 4 Kids. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your ideas and we’ll bring them to life.

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