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Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Resort Water Park is a Wonderland of Sun, Fun and Marine Life

The mythical undersea world of Atlantis is no longer lost, but exists in beautiful Bahamas, a splendidly designed resort for guests who are looking for something special in a vacation experience.  Thanks to the talented team of designers and artists in the studios of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort has risen from the depths of the sea to offer an enchanting collection of magnificent play sculptures to astound visitors of all ages.  Custom designed accents include an ancient temple with slides and climbers, the distinctive swordfish sculpture that has become a symbol of Atlantis, and giant seashell waterfalls; only a few of the creations that make this ocean playground one of a kind.

  • A fantastic collection of ocean themed park and resort play structures
  • A wide array of custom designed marine habitat features to thrill and delight
  • Realistically detailed and high quality play art


Our experts at The 4 Kids were faced with customizing park structures that were specifically designed for this breathtaking tropical resort while providing the safest, most durable interactive entertainment for kids and adults alike.  Planning by The 4 Kids team included careful attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship.  Crafting these quality works of theme park art requires highly skilled expert technique and materials.


Guests entering the enchanting Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for the first time are captivated by the impressive décor and artistic themed designs, creations of The 4 Kids and part of a capricious and charming ocean world that enchants kids and adults alike.  Artistic play sculptures that can be climbed, crawled, explored and played upon blend to create a world of make believe to draw guests into this unique vacation experience.  Playground art structures from The 4 Kids are world-renowned and those that enhance the marine habitat areas of Atlantis are superior in every way.  High quality as well as beautiful, The 4 Kids designs are virtually maintenance free in all weather.


Atlantis is paradise in the Bahamas, made special by the superb designs of The 4 Kids, whose team of artists and engineers built an enthralling world that showcases the marine life, making this beautiful island habitat special.  Authentic, realistic replicas of ancient temples and undersea portals offer fun seekers the opportunity to slide, climb, splash and enjoy the magical world of Atlantis.

Next Step

At The 4 Kids, our expert design team takes your specific needs and customizes our park designs to make your venue something that far exceeds the ordinary.  Are you looking for play structures, accents, décor items and playground equipment that are special and unique?  Contact us today for support and expert guidance from project start to finish.  

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