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The Pinnacles Pergola, in all its angled splendor, lends a woodsy whimsy to every location with its unique, spectacular design. Blending shade and sunshine, the Pinnacles Pergola makes a statement wherever the setting, with a sharply undulated cover design and realistic, log inspired supports. This unusual, fascinating pergola structure is ideal as part of a nature themed park, commercial or community playground, or even within indoor venues such as malls or casinos. Constructed of the finest and most reliable building materials, including five select finishes, the Pinnacles Pergola artists adhere to strict safety standards and this pergola requires very little maintenance.

  • Custom pergola designs
  • Durable and safe in any weather
  • The perfect touch for nature themed play venues
  • Unique shelter with shade and sunlight

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2

Pinnacles Pergola