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Large and roomy, ready for large groups, intimate weddings, any event you might be planning, The 4 Kids' Montana Pavilion adds a charming, woodsy feel to every event. Crowned by a symmetrically perfect 12 panel roof with a thatched design, the pavilion is supported by log inspired posts that bring the forest to the playground. Protection from the hot sun or a sudden rainstorm, the Montana provides a comfortable, lovely shelter for park activities, conversations with friends or a picnic lunch. Designed by experts, the Montana Pavilion is constructed with cutting edge materials that require very little maintenance, and high safety standards.

  • Customized for client needs
  • A choice of five finishes
  • Perfect in nature themed parks and playgrounds
  • High safety standards, low maintenance

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Montana Pavilion