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Aesthetically beautiful and superior as a shelter, The 4 Kids' Seminole Pavilion is a natural wonder. Crafted from log inspired materials for supports and an attractive tiered roof, the Seminole is a remarkable shelter for a nature themed park or playground, or even as a woodsy accent in commercial play settings like family fun centers. Sturdy and durable in all kinds of weather, the Seminole Pavilion is the perfect site for picnics, or simply to escape from the elements. Constructed of superior building materials, the customized pavilion adheres to the strictest safety standards and is virtually maintenance free.

  • Customized according to client needs
  • Deep woods ambience on the playground
  • Perfect for nature themed parks or playgrounds
  • Safe and sturdy in all weather

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Seminole Pavilion