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Allowing a peek of sunny skies while letting in a refreshing breeze, The 4 Kids' Arched Pergola is the perfect accent for a nature themed park or playground. Airy and inviting, the pergola's design is fascinating and entices park visitors to explore its captivating interior. A unique design that is inspired by nature itself, the Arched Pergola is perfect for many locations, including walkways or paths, garden seats and waiting areas. Made from durable construction materials and masterfully crafted by experts, this pergola is certain to please park visitors, and guests at residential or commercial entertainment areas.

  • Customized for maximum satisfaction
  • An attractive, breezy place to relax and enjoy any outdoor space
  • Low maintenance, safe and sturdy
  • Quality design, superior construction, unmatched beauty

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2

Arched Pergola