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Everyone who has ever watched a dolphin dive in and out of the water is captivated by its graceful tail. Now, kids on the playground have the opportunity to explore the dolphin's tail by climbing and crawling on it. The 4 Kids' Dolphin Tail will put kids on the sea as a majestic dolphin dives under the surface. The muscular tail sits in mid flip, giving children a perfect piece of playground equipment. Playground art kids can play with, the dolphin tail is brilliant and breathtaking. If sea life is your thing, check it out today. This adorable Dolphin Tail also makes for a fantastic feature at a water park with water spraying out of its back.

  • Constructed with glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • High safety, low maintenance
  • For ocean theme parks, and community or commercial playgrounds
  • Can be made as a water splash park feature

Click here to see the Dolphin Tail at the Live Oak Learning Center


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Use Zone: 18'10" x 15'

Mounting Options:  Installation Options 

Dolphin Tail
Use Zone: 18'10" x 15'