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It’s time to blast off into a stratosphere of fun on the playground aboard The 4 Kids Rocket playground sculpture, designed to carry kids to new worlds of make believe adventure in every play area or theme park.  Part of the large and varied collection of transportation themed park and playground equipment from the studio of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, the Rocket will propel your kids to the highest levels of playground delight. Rounding out the décor of an Aerospace themed play setting or exhibit hall or providing kids with a chance to climb, crawl, slide or pretend, the Rocket is amazing. Meticulously detailed and realistically rendered, the Rocket play structure almost convinces visitors it’s the real thing at 8 foot 4 inch tall.  Perfect for space theme parks, water splash parks, community or commercial playgrounds, wherever young people gather for superior interactive play opportunities. A favorite of kids of all ages, the Rocket is also favored by park staffers, who value its high quality, durable construction material which is tough, weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free.

  • Customized designs for themed parks
  • Talented artists, designers and engineers create playground equipment
  • Authentic looking, exciting Rocket play structure
  • High fun factor, low maintenance
Rocket Sculpture