6 Ft. Blue Crab / Products

People may think that a fun playground is no place for a big crab, but kids love this big crab play structure. The 4 Kids' Blue Crab Play Sculpture is a big crab that kids can climb and crawl on, developing good balance and a healthy imagination. Sea creatures are fascinating to kids, none more so than a friendly crab. Our 6 foot blue crab is a playground structure that delivers fun to the max, including the chance to study his intricate features up close, or even sitting with a playmate atop this captivating creature. Check out our 6 foot crab for your community or commercial park.

  • Custom designed playground equipment
  • Fun for kids from 2 to 12
  • Perfect for ocean themed parks
  • High safety standards, low maintenance requirements

Play Area: 18’3" X 16'3"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

6 Ft. Blue Crab
6' 2.5"L x 4' 3.5"W x 1' 3.25"H