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Rockport, Texas

Playful sea creatures welcome elementary kids to school

  • The 4 Kids designed kid-friendly sea life sculptures for the school's entrance area
  • Created a child-sized version of a community landmark sculpture: The World's Largest Blue Crab
  • Crafted realistic, touchable details on each animal
  • Constructed each play sculpture with tough, low-maintenance materials


The Live Oak Learning Center, a Rockport, Texas elementary school, needed play structures for its entrance, a themed area called the Laguna Tortuga. The school is located near the Aransas Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and wanted to highlight those connections by populating the Laguna with realistic, indigenous sea creature sculptures. Each piece would need to stand up to both the community's humid coastal climate as well as the hustle-and-bustle of elementary-age children.


Our team at The 4 Kids designed a series of realistic creatures for the Laguna. We crafted a kid-sized version of the World's Largest Blue Crab, a local sculpture that spans 25 feet wide, using extremely durable GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer). In addition, we designed companion play sculptures, including a diving dolphin, friendly sea turtles, a nest of turtle hatchlings, and rock climbers. The pieces are constructed with high quality, weather-resistant material that withstands harsh weather, salt water - and elementary school children.


The Learning Center's Laguna Tortuga has been transformed into a welcoming place that invites kids to play, imagine, and ask questions about the world around them. Because the play sculptures are crafted from durable, low-maintenance materials, staff members - from administrators to janitors - are free to focus on providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for the children in their care.

Next Step

When you need a team with the know-how to design and craft custom play sculptures or equipment for your school, park, or recreational facility, contact The 4 Kids. We'll turn your vision into a safe, kid-approved reality.

To see the individual items used in this project, click on one of the links below:

3ft Blue Crab                Acadia Rock Climber

Dolphin Tail Climber      Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Hatchlings