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This Tudor Creation Will Be Your Kids’ Home Away From Home

Lots of people dream of having their own tudor style home, complete with  traditional woodsy charm and lovely gingerbread accents.  For kids, that dream Tudor home is The 4 Kids Tudor Tree House, which offers a lot more than trim, such as tree swings, twisty tunnel slides, walkways and two stories of fun and adventure on the playground. This treehouse is a favorite attraction for all the little climbers, crawlers, sliders and swingers in your neighborhood and turns your playground into a world of exciting activity to stimulate growing bodies as well as developing imaginations.

There’s nothing imaginary about the high level of quality The 4 Kids design team applies during the creation process, however.  Parents, park supervisors and school staff can rest easy knowing their little charges are safe and secure at play on the Tudor Tree House structure.  If you didn’t know it was built from tough, durable glass fiber reinforced polymer, you would believe the tree house was crafted from an actual tree.  The meticulous detail and textures are that realistic, but the treehouse has safe, weather-resistant materials that require virtually no maintenance for years of fun on the playground.

  • Custom designs from playground experts
  • Superior construction, low maintenance
  • Safety is top priority
  • Bucket or Belt Swings

Want to add a Tudor Tree House to Your Park?

Our team of professionals is standing by to lead your project from start to finish.  Contact The4Kids today. 


Use Zone 35'2"L x 24'W

Tudor Treehouse
35'2"L x 24'W