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There's nothing like a little gingerbread to set off a Tree House, especially a playground tree house. The 4 Kids' Tree House Roof Dormer fills the bill for adding a quaint and charming feature to tree houses, playhouses or playground structures that house the fairy tale dreams of children. The cedar dormer is the crowning touch for The 4 Kids' Tree House playscape, and also adds a touch of make believe to any play equipment with a storybook house theme. Safety is top priority for The 4 Kids designers and cutting edge construction materials make it nearly maintenance free.

  • Dormers are completely custom designed
  • Fascinating dormer adds flair
  • Safe and low maintenance construction
  • Perfect for parks, playgrounds or commercial fun center tree houses or play houses

Dormer Window Styles

Tree House Turrets and Dormers

Tree House Turrets and Dormers 2

Tree House Roof Dormer
Fully Customizable