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Kids find the fun in everything, even an ordinary tree stump, which can become the imaginary home of elves or a mountain to climb and conquer. The 4 Kids Tree Stump Hollow Slide is no ordinary tree stump, however! Kicking up the fun factor to awesome levels, this exceptional playground structure offers kids the exciting opportunity to climb, crawl, balance, explore and slide their way to hours of fun and playground entertainment. The possibilities are endless for this captivating work of playground art. It isn’t just the kids who love the Tree Stump Hollow Slide, however. Even park planners and parents are impressed with its superior design, high safety levels and gfrc construction, ensuring years of fun and excitement with virtually no maintenance required.

  • Custom designed by playground artists
  • Tree Stump Hollow Slide offers all-inclusive play environment
  • Perfect for themed parks and splash pads, commercial recreation centers, children’s museums and playgrounds
  • Kids love the fun, parents love the quality


Use Zone: 35' x 17'8"

Tree Stump Hollow w/Slide
35' x 17'8"