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Send Your Kids To Visit The Three Bears - Without Leaving the Playground

Your kids don’t have to be Goldilocks to enjoy a visit to the Three Bears’ House. They only have to go as far as the playground to engage in an imaginative, interactive romp with these favorite of all fairy tale characters, providing your playground is equipped with an awesome The 4 Kids Three Bears Tree House. Children will dive into their own little fantasy world to climb and crawl, slide and swing through this magical setting. Wood grained textures and finely crafted details will have you believing this treehouse is created from the real thing, but The 4 Kids tree is constructed from superior GFRP materials for durability and weather-resistance.

While adults won’t have to worry the way Goldilocks’ parents probably did, they still want assurances about safety. That’s why The 4 Kids expert team of designers, artists and engineers follow the strictest safety standards when crafting their art, ensuring high levels of safe, secure fun in the park, playground, schoolyard or recreation center.  

  •          Hours of make believe fun and healthy activity
  •          Customized playground design
  •          Glass fiber reinforced polymer construction
  •          Highest safety, lowest maintenance levels
  •          Free initial consultation

Has Someone Been Visiting Your Playground?

Unlike the famous fairytale bears, you’d probably enjoy seeing more delighted young visitors who want to play in your park or playground. At The 4 Kids, our professionals are eager to start you on your own journey to The Three Bears Tree House playground project from beginning to amazing end!


Use Zone 35'2"L x 24'W

Three Bears Treehouse
35'2"L x 24'W