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Elegant and delightful, the Swan Animal Cracker brightens any daycare, public playground or private play area. The Animal Cracker play sculptures by The 4 Kids are a unique entity in park and playground equipment with their simple designs, providing the complete play package. Kids learn and exercise, engaging in physical and mental play as they crawl, climb and balance their way through the day. Safe for everyone and pleasing to the eye, the Swan Animal Cracker improves any play area. This little Swan would make for a great water feature at splash parks.

  • Pick a bright color to complement your existing playground equipment
  • Hours of fun-filled imaginative play
  • Durable yet safe and easy to clean
  • Best customer service in the industry                                             

Age Range: 2-5 Yrs, 5-12 Yrs 

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer    

Color: Custom Colors Available

Use Zone: 16'3" x 12'6"

Mounting Options: See Typical Installation Details

Swan Animal Cracker
4' 2.75"L x 6"W x 3'H