Spotted Eagle Ray / Products

The mesmerizing world below the surface of the sea is full of adventure and the wildlife that makes its home there is fascinating for children of all ages.  The 4 Kids artists and designers know the way to a kid’s heart when it comes to sea life themed water parks and playgrounds, and this detailed, lifelike playground sculpture of a Spotted Eagle Ray is proof.  So realistically designed, it is hard to believe the spotted eagle ray is not the real thing as it glides across a seascape décor plan and enhances the fun factor for indoor and outdoor aquariums, splash parks and fun centers.  Offering golden opportunities for interactive play and imaginative make believe, the Spotted Eagle Ray is a must have in commercial play equipment for ocean and beach themed play centers, created by a talented team of designers in the studios of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas and tested by kids.  Superior construction of weather resistant materials and meticulous artistry renders this work of playground art a true treasure, virtually maintenance free for years of use.

  • Customized play art
  • Enhances décor of Splash theme parks
  • High fun factor, low maintenance
  • Superior artistry, meticulous design
Spotted Eagle Ray
6'2"L x 5'2.5"W x 8.5"H