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A beautiful, bright red jungle bird to guide your way

As bright red as color can get and impressively realistic, The 4 Kids Scarlet Macaw Post Topper can turn an ordinary park utility post into a work of playground art at aviaries, theme parks, playgrounds, entertainment venues and even zoos. A cheerful, uplifting way to greet park goers at entrances, or to point the way to fun with signage and directional markers, these captivating little birds lend an exotic touch to park décor plans. The 4 Kids Scarlet Macaw Post Toppers can turn a walkway into a stroll through a flock of colorful jungle birds, kicking up the level of excitement while putting the fun in functional. Children and adults alike are fascinated by the charming macaw sculptures, authentically colored in the hues that nature gave the real thing, with meticulous detail from beak to tail feathers. The macaw design is popular with park planners who not only appreciate the artistry, but highly value the durable, weather resistant finish that retains its like-new condition for years, requiring virtually no maintenance.  This little bird may be a warm weather species, but cold, ice, even salt spray cannot damage the high quality finish.

  • Custom designed post toppers
  • Perfect for theme parks, commercial play centers
  • Authentically designed
  • High quality, low maintenance

Click Here to see this beautiful bird as a Sculpture

Scarlet Macaw Post Topper
18.25"L x 16.25"W x 36"H