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An apple a day, brings the kids to play!

If your park décor plan includes the wonders of nature and the delicious bounty of the earth, The 4 Kids has a post topper to delight park goers and might even make them a little hungry.  A perfect, beautifully shaped, deliciously red apple sitting atop one of the posts used in an orchard playground, fairy tale theme park, children’s exhibit hall or wherever nature is celebrated will add an extra measure of fun for visitors.  The apple looks so real that guests will be tempted to try a bite, but the expert playground sculptures have designed the feature for superior durability as well as meticulous detail.  As part of a set of toppers for directional border posts or signage, or as a stand-alone décor element, The 4 Kids apple post topper will look great for years with virtually no maintenance, in all weather.  Custom designed according to client needs, the apple is only one in an extensive collection of awesome post toppers from The 4 Kids.

  • Bring your post topper ideas to The 4 Kids
  • A perfect apple to enhance your playground décor
  • Adds flair to function
  • Meticulous detail, superior design by playground artists

Click Here to see this Apple as a Sculpture

Red Apple Post Topper
33"L x 32"W x Post Height