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This lifelike bird just may take flight

A flash of vivid scarlet and the pizzazz of a bird taking flight are all part of this thrilling The 4 Kids Red Parrot Post Topper from the talented playground artists that make up the Greenville, Texas design team.  Captivating perched atop utility posts at entrances, along walkways or supporting signage at aviaries, nature or woodland theme parks, zoos and family entertainment centers or fun venues anywhere, the dazzling parrot kicks up the panache in décor schemes and creates a vibe all its own to add fun to the functional service of park utility posts.  So lifelike it will charm and enthrall admirers, capturing the attention of children and adults alike.  Highest quality craftsmanship is combined with the excellent artistry to render this exact replica of the real thing virtually maintenance free in all weather, due to a super resilient finish that resists damage from ice, snow, extreme heat and even salt spray from the ocean.  Park planners can expect years of vibrant good looks and quality service from The 4 Kids Red Parrot Post Toppers.

  • Highest quality artistry, lowest maintenance requirements
  • Custom post topper designs based on client needs
  • For theme parks, museums, zoos, fun centers, indoors or outdoors
  • Works of playground art from master sculptors

 Click Here to see this Parrot as a Sculpture

Red Parrot Post Topper
27.25"L x 7.25"W x 22.25"H