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A raven post topper to guide your way

Visitors to a nature theme park, playground, children’s museum or zoo will be hard put to tell the difference between a real live raven and the detailed Raven Post Topper created in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids.  Lifelike and dramatic, perched as if ready for flight, The 4 Kids Raven Post Topper is a perfect way to enhance a family amusement center while putting the fun in functional.  Posts are a simple way to define spaces in theme parks, including entrances, walkways, signage and queues.  Imagine the delight of youngsters in the park when they come eye to eye with a true to life raven, observing them from atop the post with curious regard.  Designed by playground artists who create gallery worthy playground art, the Raven Post Toppers from The 4 Kids are also loved by park planners and staff alike.  Crafted carefully with superior materials for durability and low maintenance, the Raven Post Toppers promise years of lifelike service in all weather.

  • Have a spot for a Raven in your park?  Contact The 4 Kids today.
  • Customized playground structures based on client needs
  • Weather resistant, realistic Raven replica adds drama and flair
  • Perfect for theme parks, fun centers, commercial playgrounds

Click Here to see this Raven as a Wall Sculpture


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Raven Post Topper
17.25"L x 15.5"W x 21"H