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This smart bird looks ready for flight

For a touch of drama at the theme park or playground, The 4 Kids Perched Raven Post Topper is perfect, as it sits atop a utility post, posed as though it just swooped in from out of the sky. With intense color and detail that rivals Mother Nature herself, the raven is a fascinating tool for ramping up the excitement for any theme park experience, museum or family resort, perhaps even the aviary at the zoo. The meticulously perfect replica of the real thing certainly adds flair and dash to the décor scheme as it turns a boring set of utility posts along a park walkway into a fantastic stroll through the flock of black birds. The raven sculpture is the creation of world-renowned playground sculptors and artists who ensure long lasting quality and a superior finish that is virtually maintenance free, making The 4 Kids Perched Raven Post Topper a favorite of park planners as well as park goers. Resilient and weather-resistant, this raven isn’t bothered by snow, ice, intense heat or sun. Even the salt spray of the ocean cannot damage this work of playground art.

  •          American made in Texas
  •          Custom sculpture designs
  •          Lifelike detail mesmerizes admirers
  •          Virtually no maintenance required for
  •          Perfect for parks, indoor or outdoor entertainment venues, zoos

Click Here to see the Perched Raven as a Sculpture

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Perched Raven Post Topper
20.25" x 16.25" x Post Height