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A wise owl to guide you along your way

The wisest owls in the theme park are The 4 Kids Perched Owl Post Toppers, because they are usually the ones who welcome park guests and point the way to fun and adventure.  Whether these owls, perched high or low on park utility posts, are displaying signs to direct visitors around the park or to eateries, or making a park walkway much more interesting, these detailed replicas of the real thing are fascinating to admirers and can really dress up a set of plain utility posts.  Besides attracting lots of attention from park goers, the perched owl is also a favorite of park staff, since the superior craftsmanship, resilient finish and weather-resistant construction requires virtually no maintenance in all climates.  Snow, ice, sea salt spray, wind and rain don’t damage The 4 Kids Perched Owl Post Toppers, which promise good looks and high quality service for years.  The 4 Kids team of expert playground artists, sculptors and designers are world renowned for creating masterpieces of playground art that thrill and delight children as well as adults. 

  • For theme parks, museums, resorts, family fun centers, etc.
  • Custom designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Realistic detail and fine craftsmanship

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Perched Owl Post Topper
15.5" x 14.25" x Post Height