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Get a few, and enjoy a colony of Emperor Penguin post toppers

Ready to waddle along walkways at a wildlife theme park, The 4 Kids Penguin Post Topper attracts the attention and dazzles the eye of every kid and adult who visits. So realistically designed that you have to look twice to be sure it isn’t the real thing, the detailed penguin topper can turn a regular set of utility posts at the park into a fun welcome at the entrance, a march along a penguin lined walkway or an engaging little guy displaying directional signs. Just like their counterparts at the South Pole, these penguins are not afraid of ice and snow, or even the salt spray from the sea, since The 4 Kids playground sculptures are crafted with a virtually indestructible finish that is all weather-resistant and requires very little maintenance for years of wear. Custom designed for client needs, the penguin post topper is crafted with intense natural color that won’t fade or peel in the harshest conditions.  The possibilities for this Penguin Post Topper are limitless, from theme parks to community playgrounds, children’s museums to entertainment centers, eateries to retail outlets and everything in between.

  •          Customized designs
  •          Made in America
  •          Highest quality, low maintenance
  •          Team of talented playground artists
  •          Realistic and lifelike

Click Here to see this Penguin as a Sculpture

Penguin Post Topper
34"L x 25.25"W x 51.5"H