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This pelican is great for seaside docks and beach themed venues

Who’s the perfect greeter at a super fun Pirate Theme Park, or Beach Resort, or even a Marine Life Museum? A laughing pelican with wings spread in welcome, that’s who! The 4 Kids Pelican Post Topper is just the guy for the job, as he stands atop a utility post captivating kids and enthralling their parents who are impressed by this awesome work of playground art. Created by a team of world renowned playground sculptors in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids, the pelican is meticulously shaded in the same tones of grey and white that Nature imbues to the true birds of the sea, with a gold beak opened in what all might believe is preparation for a meal of fresh fish. The finish of the sculpture is virtually indestructible in all weather, so the pelican toppers on utility posts can really dress up the park, at entrances and exits, holding signs and defining spaces no matter what the conditions, snow, ice or the salt spray of the sea, with very low maintenance requirements and years of service.

  •          Custom designed playground art
  •          Expert team of talented artists
  •          Perfect for theme parks, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor fun centers
  •          Made in Texas
  •          Realistic replicas that astonish and impress

Click Here to see this Pelican as a Sculpture

Pelican Post Topper
28.5" x 23" x Post Height