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This parrot gives a fun tropical vibe

This Polly may not want a cracker, but admirers would almost believe he might, since The 4 Kids Parrot Post Topper was crafted with precise and meticulous detail that is so realistic it’s hard to believe he’s not a real parrot. Perched on top of a utility post in a Safari or Pirate Adventure theme park, the parrot is an engaging way to welcome visitors at entrances, display signage, line the walkways and define all the fun spaces inside. Besides theme parks, these exciting parrot post toppers can dress up a line of utility posts anywhere, from zoos to museums, commercial fun centers to community entertainment venues. The possibilities are endless. Adding a bit of flair to any park décor plan, The 4 Kids Parrot Post Topper sets the stage for great fun and playground adventure.  Park planners and staff love the design as much as visitors do, since its superior craftsmanship and resilient finish is virtually maintenance free in all weather conditions, indoors or outdoors.  Even snow, ice or ocean salt spray cannot damage this colorful little tropical bird, designed in the Greenville, Texas studios by expert playground artists and sculptors. 

  •          Custom designed Parrot Post Topper
  •          Intense color, realistic detail
  •          Low maintenance in all weather
  •          Enhances park décor
  •          Puts the fun in functional

Click Here to see this Parrot as a Sculpture

Parrot Post Topper
22.25"L x 17.5"W x 41.75"H