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Turns an ordinary row of posts into a virtual aviary of colorful parrots

What is cheerier or more engaging than a pair of brightly colored parrots sitting on a branch and welcoming visitors to a Jungle Theme Park, playground, entertainment venue, museum, resort or even the zoo? The 4 Kids Parrot Pair Post Topper, that’s what! These two little charmers set the stage for fun and adventure at theme parks and family fun centers, perched on utility posts that line the walkways, display signage, define spaces, the possibilities go on forever for these delightful little chirpers. So authentically replicated that you’d expect them to ask for a cracker, the pair are creations of the world-renowned playground artists and sculptors in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids, who custom create works of playground art based on specific client needs. Brightly colored in the intense hues that Nature itself bestows on real parrots, the parrot post toppers also have a tough, weather-resistant finish that requires very low maintenance for years of use in every condition, even snow, ice or salt spray.

  • Talented playground designers customize designs
  • Turns an ordinary row of posts into a virtual aviary of colorful parrots
  • Perfect at countless venues, including theme parks and fun centers
  • Kicks up the fun factor for park décor schemes

Click Here to see this pair as a Sculpture

Parrot Pair Post Topper
18.25"L x 18.5"W x 37"H