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A charming pair of doves to guide you along the path

The charm of a pair of peaceful doves is universal and The 4 Kids Pair of Doves Post Topper adds a new dimension of design that amps up the décor of themed venues, parks, zoos, even commercial fun centers and museums, while adding a measure of fun to the functional.  The doves, perched atop a utility post, might be used for any number of tasks at a busy park, including welcoming visitors at the entrances, displaying directional signs, lining walkways and defining spaces, among many others.  These sweet little doves turn a line of boring border posts into an enthralling stroll among play sculptures so meticulously crafted that observers might easily believe they are the real thing.  Exquisitely posed and colored with the subtle hues of Nature, the dove design is a favorite of park planners and staff wherever they are used, simply because they are virtually maintenance free, created from high quality construction that gives the playground sculpture an indestructible finish in all weather, even snow, ice and salt spray from the ocean. 

  • Customized by the expert team of playground sculptors
  • Enhances park décor
  • Perfect in theme parks, museums, fun venues
  • High quality, low maintenance

Click Here to see these birds as a Sculpture

Pair of Doves Post Topper
9.75"L x 6"W x 8.25"H