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Enjoy Hours of Awesome Fun on the Playground

A home away from home, Nightingale Cottage is a dream house for kids on the playground, offering an exciting setting to swing, slide, crawl and climb their way to adventure. Meticulously designed with an attention to detail that will have you convinced it’s a real tree house in a real tree, The 4 Kids Nightingale Cottage is expertly crafted by a talented team of playground artists, designers and engineers. 

While kids think tree houses have everything they want in a stimulating playground experience, parents, teachers and park supervisors may have other concerns, such as safety. The 4 Kids professionals share those concerns, and providing the safest and most secure play structures is their top priority. In addition, the superior craftsmanship and gfrp construction ensures that The 4 Kids Nightingale Cottage is virtually maintenance free for years of weather resistant service. 

  • Custom designed according to client preferences
  • Glass fiber reinforced polymer construction
  • Low maintenance, high safety levels
  • Every kid’s dream come true playground

Plan Your Own Nightingale Cottage Playground

If this treehouse seems like the perfect centerpiece for your park or playground, we can help you get started. The expert design team at The 4 Kids is eager to set you on your journey to a playground plan for your exact needs. 


Use Zone 35'2"L x 24'W

Nightingale Cottage
35'2"L x 24'W