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Your Kids Will Slide, Swing, Climb and Crawl Through The 4 Kids Myddleton Castle

The 4 Kids Myddleton Castle caters to kids, no matter what their play style, and it has something to delight each of them, climbers, crawlers, swingers, sliders and those who love to flex their imaginations with make-believe. A complete, all-in-one play structure, this treehouse will have visitors looking twice at the realistic features included in this playground’s construction. They will be convinced that it is built of genuine masonry set into a real tree. For parents and park supervisors, it’s a pleasure to know the construction of the treehouse starts with expert design, making safety the number one concern and using superior GFRP materials for long life and low maintenance.

Tree swings on one end of The 4 Kids Myddleton Castle House are balanced by an awesome twisty tunnel slide on the other, centered by an enticing doorway into the bottom of the tree trunk and a climb up to the tree house proper. Kids of all ages, and even adults, are sure to give The Myddleton high marks in Awesome Fun as well as Quality Craftsmanship.  

  • Custom designs
  • Realistic and lifelike
  • High fun factor, low maintenance
  • Superior construction

Treat Your Kids to Myddleton Castle House

Call our experts today for a free consultation to get you started on your own playground project with The 4 Kids.  Not only is our work superior when it comes to playgrounds, so is our service and success record. 


Use Zone 35'2"L x 24'W

35'2"L x 24'W