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Let this lady bug crawl into your garden.

For many, a cheerfully spotted lady bug is a sure sign of good luck, and The 4 Kids Lady Bug Post Topper is certainly lucky for theme park planners who put it to work welcoming visitors at entrances, bordering walkways and queues, defining spaces in an animal themed play area or zoo.  A kid friendly way to enhance the décor scheme for entertainment venues, particularly those that appeal to kids and their parents, the little lady bug is a detailed design that is meticulously rendered, so much so that many will wonder if it is the real thing.  Rich, vibrant colors of red, black and white and a glossy shell captivate visitors, who can’t help but admire the high degree of skill and artistry that goes into the creations of The 4 Kids’ Greenville, Texas design team.  The post topper is fixed on utility posts and gives these traditionally ho hum place holders an enchanting style, making them dependable décor features indoors or outdoors in all weather.  Thanks to a superior finish that is resistant to the elements, the Lady Bug sculpture is virtually maintenance free for years of beauty and service.

  • High quality, low maintenance
  • Enchanting lady bug design
  • Customized
  • Expert artistry

Click Here to see this Lady Bug as a Sculpture

Lady Bug Post Topper