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Realistically detailed Hyacinth Macaws

The interplay of nature’s creatures is fascinating and engaging to humans, and décor elements such as The 4 Kids Hyacinth Macaw Pair Post Topper brings that wonderful concept to life in theme parks, commercial playgrounds, entertainment centers, museums, zoos and aviaries. These two meticulously detailed birds draw lots of attention in any venue, perched upon decorative utility posts that can be situated along a park walkway or to define space for queues or signage displays at entrances and exits.  Detailed so realistically that observers can’t help but wonder if they are the real thing, The 4 Kids Hyacinth Macaw Post Toppers are brilliantly colored in the tropical plumage hues of blue and indigo, and their perch is a realistic replica of a natural tree branch. Eye catching and enchanting, the joyful little birds attract attention and go a long way to set off the décor scheme for every indoor or outdoor venue. Because of the superior artistry and high quality finish, The 4 Kids playground sculptures require very little maintenance to retain their good looks and top notch condition for years, no matter what kind of weather is thrown at them.

  •          Designed by expert artists
  •          Custom designs
  •          Perfect in theme parks
  •          High quality, low maintenance
  •          American made

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Hyacinth Macaw Pair Post Topper
21.5"L x 20.25"W x 36.5"H