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Who says security amenities need to look boring?! The Cotton Bale Bollard is a tough security barrier that provides safety while adding fun and realism to themed attractions, schools, children’s museums, and more. We’ve shown it here in the realistic finish, which is so detailed some guests might be tempted to think it’s an actual cotton bale. The material we use is glass fiber reinforced concrete
(GFRC), a composite that will resist impact as well as withstand weather and rambunctious kids. This bollard is ideal for preventing parking, protecting visitors or guests, and way finding.

• Also offered in a concrete finish
• Simple installation and no-hassle maintenance
• Friendly customer care team ready to answer your questions
• No-cost, no-obligation quote

Material: Check Our Brochure for Material Options 

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Mounting Options: Bollard Mounting

Cotton Bale Bollard