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Ever been invited into the home of a frontier Native American family? Well, now's your chance, with The 4 Kids' Teepee Climber playground structure. Realistically constructed and fascinating, the Teepee Climber offers enthralled children a peek into the culture of the frontier's first inhabitants. Fostering healthy imaginations and exciting make believe scenarios, the Teepee Climber is finished in a choice of three quality surfaces that add authenticity and very low maintenance. Capturing the character of the American frontier in all its glory, the Teepee Climber amazes and delights young visitors to customized community or commercial themed playgrounds with flair and fun.

  • Worth its weight in delighted children
  • Solid construction, safe and sturdy
  • Powers fun, fosters imaginations
  • Perfect on frontier themed playgrounds

If want to see this cool TePee, take a look at the one we made for San Gabriel's Creative Playscape.

Use Zone: 15'4.5" x 14'10.5"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2

Teepee Climber
15'4.5" X 14'10.5"